Other Addons

The list of addons for JEvents available to club members is constantly expanding here are a few highlights of ones not described in detail above.  For a comprehensive list of addons you should see the download area from the Downloads link in the top menu or see the 'Features Chart'.

Managed People/Teams/Resources

You want to create a managed list of artists, event promoters or even the people responsible for making the tea after the event.  The Managed people addon allows you to do this. 
  • Create a menu item or modules for the events associated with one or more people/team/resources!
  • Special pages for your people/team/resources
For example you can use this addon on a sport event calendar - you can associate teams with matches allowing the easy filtering of the calendar by teams.  Other uses include resource allocation for events, staff rosters etc.  Some sites have even used it (combined with the custom fields addon) as a event management tool to facilitate the planning of an event from conception to the big day itself.

JEvents Tags

Here is another club addon - this allows you to tag events with one or more tags that can be used to filter events in a calendar using the mod_jevents_filter (add the filter "taglookup") or via the menu or module parameters.

This includes a frontend menu option to create a list of tags with links through to the matching events.

Agenda/Minutes - article links

This plugin allows you to select and attach articles to events that represent an agenda and minutes.  Note that the minutes article only appears after the event has taken place so you can create a blank placeholder article and then fill in the minutes at (or after) the event.

Of course you can use the minutes article to give a report of how the event went with embedded photos etc.


This JEvents plugin allows you to restrict which events are visible in the frontend of your site.  For example you can hide all past event, or all future events or event just show events from 1 week ago to 1 week in the future.  Alternatively it allows you to constrain the dates for a specific menu item or module.

This plugin allows you to add a beforedate and afterdate filter to your JEvents Filter Module to allow site visitors to search for events in a range of dates

Matching Events Summary

This is a plugin that allows you to show a list of events that match a specific criteria within an event description.

It can be used to show links to

  • the other repeats of a repeating event, or
  • events that share the same title, or
  • events that have the same tags, or
  • events that have common custom field values

Hide Event Details from Non-logged in Users

A simple plugin that hides event descriptions from users who are not logged in.  You specify a message to replace the description with and can also include a white list of category ids - the event detail for the events in these categories is visible to all users.

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