RSVP Pro is a highly configurable event attendance / registration add-on for JEvents. It provides the ability to Attend / Register for events, event Tickets fully customizable QR Codes for tickets that allows quick attendance recording, set reminders and Invite users. With payment plugins for Virtuemart, PayPal IPN,, HikaShop and Manual. You can even setup reminders to be iCalender email invites which is very useful for larger companies using iCalendar emails.

RSVP Pro Registration Image


Bring registrations to your website, no need to outsource. You can do it all in-house, with our simple to advanced registration forms. We have also added in special fields to allow the import of pre-filled date from the users Community Builder or JomSocial profile fields, this massively improves the event registration process. 

RSVP Pro Reminders Image


There is nothing worse than forgetting that an even takes place tomorrow and you haven't got prepared. That's why we built in our reminders option, with this you set a default amount of time before the event in hours to notify the users by email when the event is taking place.

RSVP Pro Invitees Image


As an event creator you are now able to enable event invitations and invite uses from groups at which the administrator has allowed, you can even invite a group of users if enabled to view and attend the event. We have also added the ability to auto invite users based on a group on event creation. 

RSVP Pro iCalendar Invites Image

iCal Invitations

iCal is what JEvents is based upon, the calendar standard format. After our users requested it we added the ability to change the Invitations system to an iCal Invitations system. This allows inviting the user to the event by iCal email and being added to their calendar, with the ability to set an alarm before the event takes place on their application. Recently, this has also been updated and integrated with the JEvents New Event & Changed Notifications plugins to allow notifying of changes and cancellations. 

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RSVP Pro supports event Tickets. These are fully customizable with some html to format exactly as you wish. You can generate a unique code to authenticate the ticket, the event registration details or just the event title and date. They are truly customizable.

RSVP Pro QR Code Image

QR Code

We have now added the ability to have QR Codes on your event tickets. This means the event creator can simply scan the code to confirm the validity of the ticket and to mark the users as attended within the session. For added security, the event creator must be logged into the site prior to scanning with the desired QR code reader App.

Below is a list of Features for RSVP Pro

  • Event Registration
  • Ticket Purchases
  • Attendee Lists
  • Front end Management
  • Multiple Guests at once
  • Coupons
  • Flat Fees
  • Select Lists
  • Option counts
  • Control which notifications are sent and customise these on an event by event basis
  • Attendance can by subject to approval by the event creator
  • You can choose whether or not you allow attendance by users who are not logged in and you can force a confirmation of email addresses if required, as well as using the ReCaptcha field for non members on an event by event basis.
  • Hide events that are full from non-attendees
  • You have set the following attendances:

    • Not Attending
    • Maybe Attending
    • Attending

  • You can show how many attendees are signed up in your list views/latest events view and can even show a list of attendees in your monthly calendar tooltips if you want Ability to restrict attendance to Invitees only Create unique or shared custom fields templates to save time when creating attendance events later.
  • Use QR codes on your tickets to validate your attendee tickets and confirm they are attending.

Payment Gateways such as:

  • PayPal
  • Virtuemart which allows using VirtueMart cart system and Payment Plugins.
  • Hikashop - Business
  • RSVP Pro

  • RSVP Pro

  • RSVP Pro

  • RSVP Pro

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