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Postby tenbob » Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:51 pm

Can you please help me understand how filtering works in JEvents.

From my experiments it seems that once you create a filter it may persist indefinitely. Even when you navigate away from the original page and go to a different page which doesn't have any filtering tools displayed. So you may be seeing filtered results even though you can no longer see the filter that produced them.

This is very confusing. I first noticed it with the coming events module. This was configured to omit certain categories. When you click an item in the coming events list and then navigate from there to, say, the monthly view, this filter still remains in force.

There are other strange interactions. The monthly calendar has a series of icons at the bottom to select different categories. The weekly and yearly displays do not. So if you select a specific category in the monthly view and then navigate to the weekly view, the category filter persists, but there is no obvious way to turn it off. This only seems to happen if you navigate with the row of icons at the top of the monthly display. Going via the main menu seems to reset the filter.

I created another page which had a monthly calendar and the filter module. With this I found that the filter module does not play nicely with the icons at the bottom of the monthly grid. After selecting a single category with either method, clicking "All categories" with the coloured icons doesn't work, even though all the coloured icons return to the screen.

The whole system seems rather confusing and I may have misunderstood parts of it. For me it would be a lot easier if filters were always cancelled immediately upon leaving the page where they were created.

I'd be grateful for a clear explanation of the scope of filters and when they meant to be reset.

Code: Select all
Joomla : 2.5.8
component_com_jevents : 2.2.7
component_com_jevlocations : 2.0.16
module_mod_jevents_filter : 2.2.0
module_mod_jevents_latest : 2.2.4
module_mod_jevents_legend : 2.2.3
plugin_editors_jce : 2.3.1
plugin_jevents_jevlocations : 2.0.16
plugin_search_eventsearch : 2.2.0 (not enabled)
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Postby Geraint » Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:35 am

1. The latest events module - set the config option to lock the categories and ignore the filter module.

2. You can display the legend module on other pages to show which cateogries are selected

3. In JEvents 3.0.12 the filter module can be configured to 'forget' its values when you change to a different menu item or to a different component.
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Postby tenbob » Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:37 am

Hi Geraint. Thanks for the quick reply and suggestions.

So, if I understand it correctly, the filter may be lurking around all the time in the background, ready to bite me when I'm not expecting it !!

Is there any way to ensure I get a "clean" page that is not modified by the filter. Your suggestion (1) gives me a way to turn off the filter in the Latest Events module. Is there an equivalent config setting that will turn off the filter in other components. Say, on the "View by month" page?

Your suggestion (2) to use the legend module doesn't really help. This will display any category based filters, but won't show me the other filter types such as geofilter that may be in force. There seems to be no way to display all the filters that are in operation.

So it looks like I need to upgrade to 3.0.12 and use the option for the filter to "forget" whenever you navigate away. I can't upgrade yet, so I'll have to wait and see.

Thanks, Bob
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