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Postby Vagabond » Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:07 pm


I'm not currently a club member, though have been in the past, so can't post this in the suggestions forum, but thought it might be of interest.

I've recently done a little bit of work on a couple of my sites with making calendar sync available to our users, and found the standard ical export screen wasn't as user friendly as maybe it could be, and there was what I believe is a bug or two.

1) Where I have an ical export menu item that restricts the categories for export, selecting All exports all events and ignores the categories that the menu restricted to.

2) This "feature" seems to be related to the All tick box not behaving as I would expect - in fact it behaves in the opposite way to what I would expect. Surely ticking All should place ticks in all the categories? I've amended the code on my site to behave as I think it should here: ... als.ical/-

3) Would it be possible for the categories to be displayed using the category order defined in the Category Manager? The categories appear to be displayed in category id order, and therefore the order in which they were created, which is not necessarily logical.

4) Would it be possible to make the title parameters for the ical export screen unique to that screen so that overrides only applied to that screen?

5) I have removed the option to specify the years for export / syncing as surely when syncing to a personal calendar you wouldn't want to have to change the calendar sync url each year. Equally, you might not want to sync anything other than the current year. Would it be possible to have a site parameter that means that syncing / export is for a period of time around the current date (e.g. so many days ahead and behind similar to the latest events module)? Then not to display any time option for the users but use the defined parameters? This would allow the events calendar to continue to show all historical events yet limit the volume of events syncing.

6) I have displayed the export link rather than the standard button as i think it is easier for those using google calendar sync. A nice feature would be to have two buttons, one for Outlook and another for Google which launches a google calendar window for adding an external calendar for a signed in google account (e.g. here for adding an event, I don't know if it is possible for adding a calendar: ... rsuit-Race)

I hope this is useful for you and that you might consider these suggestions at some time.
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Postby Geraint » Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:58 am

We've tried to make the iCal export a lot cleaner and simpler in JEvents 3.0. Its not perfect but a lot better.

Points 1-3 & 5 are addressed already - the all categories checkbox actually hides and reveals a list of categories (checked as required) and indented and ordered as the main category list.

The year list/selector in v. 3.0 can easily be hidden using CSS

Point 4 - did you set the menu item parameters for te page title
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Postby Vagabond » Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:48 am

Thanks Geraint - that's great news, I shall take a look at 3.0! I shall have to brush up on my CSS.

Point 4 - sorry, I wasn't being specific enough with the correct terminology. I was referring to the heading parameters used on the ical export screen such as JEV_EVENT_CHOOSE_CATEG. I wasn't sure that these were all specific to the ical screen if I used my own overrides.
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