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JEvents Event Detail - Open in different template?

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Postby redheads55 » Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:45 am

Geraint wrote:What do you do for the "template" to revert to the wrong one? When you do that what is the Itemid in the URL?

When I click on anything else in the calendar it works ok and stays in itemID 47 (I was having overlap issues with the right column in edit mode, but setting it in po-up mode fixed that). The little mini-calendar looks fine over tere in the left-hand column. The problem comes when I add beck the right-hand column in the default template by clicking on *any* other menu item besides calendar stuff. *then* the mini calendar and the recent events lose their formatting and get all JEV_ on me. So as it is I can only show mini calendars or a link to the calendar in the recent events ...oh, this may be helpful...(or not... LOL) when the recent events mod is on a default template page it looks fine UNLESS i add the link to the calendar (top or bottom does not seem to matter) in that mod, then the link is JEV_ style, but the rest still looks fine, The mini-calendar, on the other hand, breaks entirely.

Am starting to wonder if some CSS for the right-hand column is fighting with the jevents css when I call up that right-hand column. Have to get a few other things done today, but will try to give it a quick look-see...
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Postby redheads55 » Wed Aug 05, 2009 3:21 am

Ok, as I posted in another thread... seemingly unrelated things were actually culprits in my case...

In my case, the conflict was not the template... for me it was the iJoomla Search and Archive mod. When disabled, my calendar (including the mini!) WORKS!!! :D

off to find a search mod that will work yet not search my hidden stuff... 8-)
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Postby jassis » Tue Jan 29, 2013 3:31 am

Hi Geraint,

I have seen you solving a lot of people 'issue'.hopefully you can solve mine. I've been looking for an answer and so far it is not good.

I have jevents calendar on my homepage as a component, I have picked two dates and set as a test, so far so good, but when I click on the events link it opens on the homepage (it replace the calendar with the event) I would like to see it open in a new page. How can I achieve this?

I am just about to give up.

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Postby Geraint » Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:37 am

If your problem is with links from a module opening on the home page then create a menu item for JEvents and then set the calendar/latest events module parameters to point to this menu item.

If you want links from the component to open in a new browser window then there is a club member addon that converts all event detail pages in to a popup window - that may do what you want??
JEvents Club members can get priority forum support at the Support Forum. As well as access to a variety of custom JEvents addons and benefits. Join the JEvents club today!
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Postby jassis » Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:15 am

I have found a word around.
it is not perfect, so if you can help me with that would be awesome.

I have created a menu item with the alias 'eventdetail', so it opens the entire calendar(component) into a new page called eventdetail and then click again on any event to work the way I like it.

I'd love to join the club, but I am afraid it will not happen now, maybe in the future.

Thanks for you help Geraint.
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