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Postby istrait » Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:37 pm

All I can say is help...

I am in the midst of transferring data from one site to another. I have exported the events table and the events_catagories tables and imported them into a new site that I am working on.

The old site is running joomla 1.0.13 and the new site is running joomla 1.0.15.

The old site was running events 1.4.1 and the new site is running the latest version of jevents.

Here is the process I used.
1. exported the events tables out of jevents 1.4.1 on the old site.
2. imported the jevents tables the new site.
3. installed the jevents 1.4.3 on the new site.

When I go into manage events on the new site, i get no events. When I go into the table on the other hand and view it, I can not see any events on the list. (this is with view past events turned on.)
When I look at the bottom of the screen, I see Results 901 - 918 of 918, so I know that it recognizes them.

Catagories are also in the tables and i can see them, but they do not show up in the catagories table.


I thought that maybe upgrading the jevents on the old calendar might fix this. I went in and deleted the lines specified in the upgrading document and I will be dammed if the thing deleted the tables anyway........ I went in and imported the sql back into the old site and get the same issue. Cannot see any entries, but they exist in the table......

I also added a new catagory, and it does show up in the list. I am starting to think that the reason that this stuff has dissappeared is because htere is another place that jevents stores the group names in. What table does jevents store this stuff in?

Any thoughts. the district wants to have these events available on the new site.........
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Postby alphageek27 » Fri Sep 25, 2009 8:19 pm

I posted right before you did and I'm having the exact same issues. All I'm trying to do is upgrade this component.

I've compared the code between the two versions, and the modifications are minimal. On the categories page there were just two modifications that were noted as being geared toward J1.5 so I reverted those two lines back to the old version with no success.

I, too, can add new categories or events that will show, so I tried comparing the tables and the structure seems to be identical - unless I missed something.

My next step is to review those files and tables again to see what data is being called and how.
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