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JEvents 1.5.1 - release [b1473]

JEvents 2.0 was launched over 2 years ago and the latest stable version is version 2.2 which will run on Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5. JEvents 1.5 is therefore no longer actively supported - you should upgrade to JEvents 2.2+ as soon as possible.
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Please include as much detail in any test or bug reports for JEvents 1.5 as possible.

First of all, check if you are running the latest available version of Joomla! and JEvents. Posts for issues, where both systems are not updated, will be ignored.

We need the following at least:

* PHP version (e.g. 5.2.5). Note: Support for PHP4 is discontinued.
* Joomla! version
* JEvents version
* Web Server software (Apache or IIS with version number if possible)
* Server Operating system (e.g. Linux, Windows, Solaris, Darwin ...)
* Database version
* memory_limit from your phpinfo
* Web browser and version

Please enable error reporting and include any error messages in your posting. You do this via the Joomla Configuration - set "error reporting" to "maximum" on the Server tab.

Finally, please describe the steps required to recreate the problem and also please enable error reporting and give us any error messages generated.

Postby Geraint » Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:25 pm

I have just released JEvents 1.5.1 (based oin build 1473 from subversion).

IMPORTANT - after installing the component upgrade remember to open the JEvents control panel in the backend to ensure your database indicies are updated appropriately.

Changed from 1.5.0

# Split migration up into blocks controlled by javascript - to avoid memory issues
# Update new migration script so that it doesn't clean out old events
# Extend user authorisation to control users in backend as well as frontend
# Fix parsing of URLs in description
# Improve efficiency of queries - adding in more database indicies and refactoring some queries (more to come)
# Ensure created by is respected during data conversion
# Offer CURL as option to update iCALs from URL
# missing language string ("timeless")
# enable layout specific language files
# Add a classname to main events page header


* Joomla 1.5.9+
* PHP 5 - JEvents 1.5 will not run in PHP4.


You Must follow these instructions to ensure that all the appropriate database tables are created.
  • Its a good idea to make
    sure that your PHP installation is configured with more than 8MB or memory (check your php ini settings)
  • Install the component and all the modules you want to test. Note that currently mod_jevents_legend MUST be installed but it doesn't need to be enabled.
  • In the admin interface open up the component "JEvents MVC"
  • Click on "Configuration" and save your config values

Upgrading from JEvents alpha 2

You will need to uninstall JEvents alpha 2 before installing beta. Your event data should be retained but you should take a database backup before hand just in case. You will need to run a few extra DB queries, see this forum post viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1199 for more details.

Upgrading from earlier build of JEvents beta or alpha 3

Just install the components and modules on top of the existing installation - note that there is NO need to uninstall before hand.

You must also click on "Configuration" and save your config values

Migration from JEvents1.4.3

JEvents 1.5 beta has been written so that it can be installed alongside JEvents 1.4.3 (this is useful for testing since you could install version 1.5 and compare it with 1.4.3 directly). However you MUST ensure that none of the 1.4.3 modules are visible on the same page as any 1.5.0 modules otherwise you will get a php error.

To migrate your event data click on "Convert Legacy Events" in the JEvents 1.5 component control panel. This will migrate your categories and events without removing the old versions - therefore you can switch between the calenders in the frontend for testing.

Keep the feedback and bug reports coming in this forum.

The main JEvents component.

Build 1425 add config option that all registered users can add and publish their own events.

NB Technical note for users who have written template overrides - please note that from build 1406 onwards the locations of these has changed from LayoutView to layout/view.
(739.87 KiB) Downloaded 2088 times
A mini calendar with JSON navigation
(11.02 KiB) Downloaded 1140 times
A summary of the latest events in a module.
(28.3 KiB) Downloaded 973 times
A module that gives you a map or legend to the category colours (only visible on JEvents pages).
(14.4 KiB) Downloaded 792 times
A module that allows you to change the layout/theme for JEvents. Useful for testing out the alternatives.
(2.52 KiB) Downloaded 812 times
Joomla Search plugin for JEvents
(3.11 KiB) Downloaded 829 times
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