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General Downloads

These are downloads that apply to projects other than just JEvents.
Joomla Language Overrides

This is a system plugin that allows you to override Joomla translation files for any component, module or plugin.  This is a feature that is built in to JEvents already but this plugin extends this to the core of Joomla and to 3rd party addons.

When activated this plugin allows you to override specific translation files.  e.g. Create a file templates/{YOUR TEMPLATE}/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_content.ini and place in it any language strings you want to override from the main language en-GB.com_content.ini.

For optimal performance this plugin should be one of the first in the system plugins BUT AFTER JOOMFISH.

Additionally can now override css files loaded by components, modules and plugins that use the Joomla framework for loading css files.  For example if an addon loads a css file called components/com_addon/css/addon.css then if you create a new css file in templates/{YOUR TEMPLATE}/css/addon.css then this will be loaded AFTER the original so you can override css settings you want to change.

Finally you can use Joomla 1.6 language files natively in Joomla 1.5 if you install and enable this plugin.

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  • v. 1.3.5 fixes joomfish menu item translations and resolves the problem that the plugin was skipped if no active menu item was set (Thanks to Jeff Channell for this one).
  • v. 1.3.3 - fixes clash with Joomfish translation of menu items.
  • v.1,2 -makes it easier to translate plugin files by using the site template folder.
  • v1.1 - now allows overrides of plugin language files, css overrides and joomla 1.6 language file support
Content Toggler
This is the toggler/accordian tool used in the download area of JEvents and in the features list page.

Use it as follows:
{XXXtoggle}Closed Title|Open Title|HTML content{/XXXtoggle}
You must of course use it without the XXX - this article had to have the XXX in the code otherwise the toggler would run on this page too Wink.

version 1.2 works with MSIE 8 as well as MSIE 9+
Quick Intro to JEvents

A quick introduction to JEvents.

Recipes Component for JoomlaDay NYC
Unzip and install at the appropriate part of the presentation
Developing A Joomla Component From Scratch
This is a Mac KeyNote presentation I gave at the Joomla Day NYC in October 2011.
JEvents - Beyond a Calendar
This is a Mac KeyNote presentation I gave at Joomla Day NYC in October 2011 about the use of JEvents beyond calendaring.

If you don't have access to iWork/Keynote then you can view this presentation in a browser at
Event Invites, Reminders and Attendance Registration
This is a brief introduction to a JEvents Club addon that allows you to setup email invitations to events, track attendance registration and enables visitors to request email reminders.

See a demo video here.
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