Paid Event Submissions


Ever wanted to charge your users for creating events on your website? Well now you can!

With the Paid Events Submission Plugin and Module(optional), you can charge your users for creating events. The way it works is by integrating with Virtuemart 2.0 to create a product(Token) which when purchased is a 'Token' to create events. If the user has no 'Tokens' then they cannot create events. 

The Paid Events Submission Plugin now integrates nicely with the Featured Events Plugin, allowing you to create Latest Events modules and menu items etc to show Events which are created by Paying Users.

Current Features:

  • Charge users for event creation
  • Autopublish events
  • Extra categories access
  • Allow users to create locations
  • Set a priority level for events created by paying users (for use with featured events plugin)
  • Option to Upgrade usergroup on purchasing tokens
  • Option to Downgrade usergroup when no tokens remain.

One of the great features of the usergroup upgrade/downgrade is you can set custom menus, modules etc that are limited to that usergroup thus keeping your site neat whilst offering functions to those who need them.

With the Optional Module you can also display, how many tokens have been purchased, used and to buy more tokens.

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